Market Focus

Travel + Tourism

The diverse nature of tourism marketing needs can be a complex puzzle. Working from a clean slate with each client, Lake Effect is able to create goals by analyzing present market conditions, building data sets and studying trends. We build on this personalized snapshot to create brand building and revenue producing campaigns.

— Destination Marketing Organizations
— Hotels and Resorts
— Recreation Attractions Destinations


Non-profits today are facing greater challenges than ever. With increasing numbers of organizations operating in crowded issue spaces and competing for shrinking funding, nonprofits must find ways to differentiate.

Organizations that lack a clear, focused strategy can find themselves at a disadvantage – unable to cut through the clutter and gain critical support of key stakeholders.

Private: Online Marketing Online Marketing

Do you have a plan to get your message online – in the right channels, at the right time?

Private: Custom App Development Custom App Development

Whether it’s a native or web-based app, a strong mobile presence can deliver your message directly to your audience.

Private: Brand Building Brand Building

A brand isn’t just a logo. The moving parts that deliver your message need to move in a cohesive way to truly be effective. How do you see your brand now and where you want it to go?

Private: Strategy + Market Research Strategy + Market Research

Being in the right place at the right time isn’t a coincidence. It takes strategic planning and solid ideas to make sure you’re talking to the right people – your audience.

Private: SEO + Analytics SEO + Analytics

Analytics isn’t just numbers. By focusing on client relationships, we work cohesively to create solutions based on research, consumer trends and feedback resulting in successful, long-term goals.

Private: Web Design & Development Web Design & Development

We love to create clean user experiences that fit your brand perfectly and enable your marketing goals. Our team of developers, designers and creative thinkers create sites that compete to win.