Artificial Intelligence and Programmatic Buying

Artificial intelligence and programmatic buying are growing trends in the digital world. Employing billions of web impressions and real time buying, Lake Effect is able to identify potential customers and target them at times that are most beneficial for the Shanty Creek Resorts brand.

With a flexible management platform, Lake Effect is able to quickly react to changing trends and needs. We can push everything from hotel rooms one week to selling lift tickets the next or both at the same time if needed.


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Demographic Summary May – June 2014


Event Specific AdWords

Google AdWords Search


Shanty Creek Resorts is a diverse resort that offers activities throughout the four seasons of the year. Struggling to find a strong foothold with their current marketing practices, Shanty needed to increase their digital presence. Given the nature of lodging and the different activities offered throughout the year, we implemented a year round campaign utilizing artificial intelligence. With this method, campaigns can optimize and we can pinpoint and learn about the audience with every click.