Can Detroit Be Saved By Technology?

Posted by on Jul 19, 2013 in FORECAST, News, Technology

We all know that technology is thriving and young minds are creating amazing products that are helping our everyday lives.  We hear about the amazing things that come out of Silicon Valley and the tech start ups that are thriving in San Francisco, but is anyone paying attention to Michigan?  Detroit is becoming a hotbed for technology startups that include transplants from California.

Why Detroit?

At one point in our country’s history, Detroit was the leader in technology and innovation.  Detroit built cars and everything that went with the car.  They dreamed up changes and invented products that help our cars run better and ride smoother.  Unfortunately, Detroit became overshadowed by scandal and blight.  But, the silver lining is the ability for startups to move to Detroit and open up shop at a fraction of the cost it takes in San Francisco.  A recent article from Venture Beats outlines the recent announcement of the Detroit Bankruptcy and what all of these start ups think about it.  The overwhelmingly response was excitement that Detroit will again be able to re-invent itself as a technology center where innovation is key.

Here is a link to the article, Venture Beat

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